Looking for info on my father aboardthe uss murphy

My father would always tell us of some of the places he was at during his time in the service. Unfortunately my father passed away from cancer in the early 80’s at the age of 57. He was Romanus Joseph Deck gunners mate aboard the Murphy. He also mentioned the transporting of the King of Saudi Arabia to the Yalta Meeting and showed us pictures on the ship and also on the beaches with other crew member. Does anyone remember him?

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  1. Yes, I remember your father Romanus. Fred Sheller. Originally I was a Striker for Fire Controlman, but after the collision OPct 21, 1943, I was needed as a Yeom,an & ended up Y2C on the Murphy.

  2. My uncle Jimmy Parlaman went down on the ship. My mother always talked about him. Now my sister and I are looking for the memorial plaque for the USS Murphy.

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